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About Us

About Us

About Us

On the basis of traditional material and high-tech material, most advanced machine and technology and most important China production base, China Rope & Line will bring China rope to the world.

Together with the famous university we research and develop the character of Special Fiber such as UHMWPE fiber and Kevlar fiber and make great progress in this field. Because of this, our rope is well known in the world.

There are four industry groups under China Rope & Line.

Special Fiber rope and net group: UHMWPE rope, glass fiber rope,Kevlar rope,these rope are widely used as plasma winch rope,anchor line,power traction or pulling rope,sling and SPM.

Braid rope group:hollow braided rope,solid braided rope,diamond braided rope.Structure can be 8 plait,12 plait,16 plait,24 plait,32 plait,48 plait and double braided.

Climbing rope Group:Static and dynamic rope.We have ISO certificate and CE certificate.

Twist rope Group:3 ply,4 ply,6 ply twist rope widely used in agriculture,fishing and forest.

Welcome customer and rope company to our group.